I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve cried more than I would have liked in the last couple of days.

I’ve lost a dear friend in John Bos, who I’d share a drink and a laugh with. We’d help each other out without question or pause. I had the pleasure of actually getting him to appear on stage, just once. He wouldn’t memorise lines, but he did dance, more than willingly, with the woman he loved.

And I’ve lost a mentor, inspiration and yes, even a friend in Sir Terry Pratchett. The privilege of adapting his books for stage was wonderful – even better was the joy of watching his genuine laugh-out-loud delight when I wrote something new for him and he saw it performed for the first time.

I’m not crying for John or Terry. They’re both out of their pain and suffering, gone on to whatever is next in their journeys. I’ve wept for me. Selfishly, for my loss – for the conversations not had, the laughs not shared.

That’s what grieving is. My life is a richer thing for having been touched by both men. Thank you, guys. Be seeing you.

Renoir, Terry Pratchett, Discworld, fantasy writers
Renoir (L) and Sir Terry Pratchett discussing characters

One step at a time…

I apologise if you’ve missed me!

It’s been a challenging few weeks since the last post.

Some significant Unwellness, then what can be best described as a mojo deficiency.

Thanks go out to my darling bride Meredith, my housemate Stevie, my doctor Jess, and a bunch of good people at Lismore Hospital.

I’m back now, taking it gently, but importantly back in front of my keyboard and writing again.

Best piece of advice I’ve heard lately:

  • Follow
  • One
  • Course
  • Until
  • Successful!!

50 ways to say “Thank you”

masvita      baraka laufik       kyai zoo tin baa dai      aw kohn

doh je        meitaki                hvala          dekuji

amasay ganala            motashakkeram           vinaka

kiitos          merci          tapadh leat                  danke

ehvkhahreesto    aabhar       mahalo       shalom       kurssurnurm

dalu           terimah kasi        domo arigato gozaimasu

goh mab seumnida      paldies       achiu          xiexie

bayarlalaa           shukran     takk            dziekuje     obrigado

multumesc          spasiba      hvala          ndatenda   istuti

kea leboha          gracias       asante       nandri        khop khoon

thoo jaychay       barkallaoo feek            tesekkur ederim

caym on     enkosi        aagbabire           ngiyabonga

a huge great HUG!