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The current count is SIX available books!  Stay tuned for more.

The Dubious Magic series of books

John B. Stewart seems to be an ordinary Australian Public Servant. Then he hits his head in a drunken accident, and strange magical powers reveal themselves.

  • The Wizard of Waramanga The Wizard of Waramanga copy

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Paperback edition$20 + $5 postage & handling

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Unable to convince almost anyone that he’s now really a wizard, John B.’s life takes a further turn out of control when he stumbles onto a sinister plot.

A mad sorceress is using the equipment at a secret military base to summon forth an ancient evil power.

John B. must overcome a hitman, difficult policemen, angry soldiers, a sadistic Colonel, the insane sorceress and a horde of demons.

He’s stuck out in the South Australian desert with three oddly matched friends and a big white Persian cat.

They’re armed with only their courage, wits, determination, a few antique weapons, and John B.’s own questionable magic powers.   No wonder he needs a drink.

  • The Carvings of Cobbemarmoo  The Carvings of Cobbemarmoo (1) copy

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After surviving the perils of their first adventure, John B. and his mates want nothing more than a relaxing holiday in Central Australia.

Instead they get into strife with the police, a bike gang, a crooked lawyer and a recalcitrant camel.

Then there’s the two homicidal archaeologists.

One of them has a plan to use human sacrifice to reanimate an ancient god.

Only John B.’s unorthodox magic can stop him.  Or can it?

  • The Mad Machines of Mundara  Mundara9780994617460-Perfect copy

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For many years Soviet scientists conducted experiments into the psychic and paranormal.  Now the most dangerous of those scientists – a man with a strange and deadly secret – has his hands on the unlikely wizard John B. Stewart.

Trapped on a tiny island, it will take all John B.’s wits and magic to keep his sanity, and his life.  Even if his friends can find him they’ll have to overcome ruthless enemies and the dangers of Bass Strait.  It’s anything but smooth sailing.

  • The Warriors of Wiwo’ole

Electronic edition – now available by the chapter at

A golfing holiday in Hawaii for John B. and Wilko – what could go wrong with that? Plenty, when a homicidal maniac plans to blow up the Big Island.  Mystery, murder, fast cars, ghosts and maybe a god or two.

Is the unpredictable magic of the unlikely wizard enough to stop a volcano?  Failure this time could have earth-shattering consequences.

The Old Bastards books

The Australasian Order of Old Bastards has been raising money for charity since 1968.  Gill’s Old Bastards are the Brisbane branch of AOOB, named for my late wife Gillian.  Profits from the sale of these books will go to Gill’s Old Bastards for distribution to charities such as the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation who are at the cutting edge of fighting cancer.

  • These Old Bastards…

These Old Bastards... copy 2A collection of anecdotes, stories and yarns from around Australia and around the world, celebrating the odd, the funny – even the irritating!

A book to dip into, enjoy over a beer, and know you’re doing some good while you have a laugh.

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  • The Bastard Abroad

The Quiet Word series of men’s health books

– because some blokes don’t like to talk out loud about certain subjects, these will be a Quiet Word between blokes.

  • Mid-life Crisis MANagement – A Bloke’s Guide to Surviving Middle Age and Male Menopause

Crisis e-cover copy2Why do some men struggle with life when they hit their 40’s?  Depression.  Stress.  Poor decisions.  Suicide. Menopause in men IS real, and not the same as women get. This book explores what it is, what other factors affect men as they age, and a range of treatment and prevention options both ‘conventional’ and ‘alternative’. And it does so in simple terms, demystifying some of the confusing or intimidating jargon some health practitioners use.

Paperback:  $20  +  $5 postage & handling

Kindle version


and more to come!

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