It’s a funny thing – blokes don’t tend to talk face-to-face very much, especially about Personal Stuff.  Women do.

When blokes talk to each other about relationships and their health and private things it tends to be shoulder to shoulder, and just a quiet word.

That’s what I want to share with you.

Along the way I’ve probably eaten and drunk more than I should have, and exercised less than was good for me. I’ve had what feels like a filing cabinet full of my own health issues. Lots of the common ones – broken legs, kidney stones, asthma and pneumonia, heart attack, and some less common – busted spine, three types of arthritis all at once, some of my guts removed.

Family, friends and acquaintances have been through a bunch of stuff. Some survived, others didn’t.

But I’ve been lucky – I’ve survived, and learned as I went along.

I’m not a doctor. Or a psychologist. Or any sort of professional New Age therapist, though I’ve studied a fair bit. I’m a bloke who asks questions, and writes down the answers in a way that other blokes will understand.

For a long time I’ve been interested in health and healing. I’ve done First Aid and Lifesaving Certificates, training in Occupational Health & Safety, a Certificate in Reiki and most recently been trained as a Nutrition Advisor at the Sanoviv Medical Institute in Baja California.

I’ve just launched a new site: Men’s Health – A Quiet Word.  That’s where I’ll be getting into questions of health and wellness for blokes.  Not laying down the law, not telling you what you Must Do – just having a quiet word.


Mens health – a Quiet Word


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