I’m sitting in a Waitrose cafe at the Peartree Interchange just outside of Oxford.  I’ve been here for just on seven hours now, but the task is complete:

My 50,000 word Nanowrimo submission is complete.  Edited, spell check done, formatting finished, that’s it!  HUZZAH!!!


What now?  Well, as soon as I’ve learned some more about the way WordPress operates I’ll try to present it here.  Check in sometime soon and see how I’ve done, okay?


Peace – Renoir

And so it begins…

Welcome to my WordPress site.

Soon, all being well, it’s where you’ll find what I’ve been writing.

Some of it will be fiction.  I hope you get a kick out of that.

Some of it will be about health.  I’m no expert, and will never claim to be.  But I do know how to ask questions, and I’m going to be asking people who ARE experts.  Then I’ll share their answers with you, so YOU can decide what might be right for you.

Some of it will be about the act, and the art, of writing itself.  I’ll share what I’ve learned, heard and experienced.  Hopefully it can help some of you.

It might not happen at great speed – there’s a big world out here and I’m exploring as much of it as I can – but it will happen.  Come along for the ride.